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31 From The Start

31 From The Start

January 31, 2020
             Thirty one days down. The blessings have been amazing but it seems like it’s been a fog. My actual new year started on January 17th or a few days after that. So I’m really like 11 or 12 days in. A virus from China called the Coronavirus & the tragedy with Kobe Bryant, his 13 year old daughter & 7 other people on a helicopter that crashed rocked the world. The impeachment of our president Trump. Starting a war, doing a bunch of underhanded things. He’s dividing us. It’s working. Racism is alive & well. I can keep going but some of these other situations that I didn’t mention are just overwhelming & seem morbid. Prayers to everybody going through something. So it’s Friday right. Super Bowl weekend is approaching & the final episode of Power is 2 days away. I know there’s a lot of bad things going on but there’s some good things going on too. You just have to dig deep. I swear I’m digging. As of right now I have so much to say but I really have nothing to say at all lol. I promise will figure it out. I will put a few extra pictures in the post to symbolize some of January events. New month approaching. Keep pushing… #Bondz