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It Seems Like You’re Ready

It Seems Like You’re Ready

January 11, 2019
                          This year… 2019 will be the year to win it all. That’s right, I said it. This year I will be giving you ways to dominate 2019 through my blog & youtube channel. The year started off with Lebron James getting hurt, Trump’s government shutdown, Cyntoia Browns clemency & R Kelly going from the king of r&b to the king of pedophilia. Let’s talk about… “It Seems Like You’re Ready”. I’m pretty sure everyone reading this has seen or heard about the “Surviving R Kelly” documentary. The only thing I’m going to say about this is… I believe that the people who were around him when he was doing what ever they said he did are just as guilty as him. For instance… the guy who forged the marriage document is just as guilty as R Kelly. The high school principal that said he seen R Kelly lurking around the school for younger women but never pursued it or called the authorities. They guy who seen the younger women in the studio but never said anything… all of them are wrong. It’s a very spooky situation. Shouldn’t have went this far. I pray for peace & blessings to all the victims & their families. While this is the most talked about subject… our commander and chief has shut the government down. He’s having a temper tantrum about this wall. Is this what America has come to? I can’t wait until we are done with this foolery. In my opinion… our leader is a joke but hey… who am I. At least Cyntonia Brown was granted clemency. This is a great thing. It shows that there is still hope. The New Year is starting off in a blaze. These past years have been prepping us for success even though there are a few things that still need to be handled. For instance, this situation in Paterson where the cops beat the guy to death who came into the precinct asking for help. Is this how we’re starting off the year??? The police brutality has to stop. It makes me sick to my stomach. Much love & blessings to the family of Meek Lowery. These stories are getting more & more sickening. We are raising our children to survive, this has to stop. As always, I’m praying for peace.
Meanwhile to deal with this world… we put our mind on sports. Now the king get Lebron James gets hurt. To me… it’s a small thing to a giant. Small setback for a major comeback. On the other side, are we still boycotting football or is it just Super Bowl performances. I need to know. So far the month of January came out the gate with a bang. My advice for the first quarter(The first quarter is the first 3 months). Get all your ducks in a row. Get your business in order. Prepare to step out on faith & go. Upgrade your surroundings. Time is moving fast. Take time to pray & read. Try to cook as much as possible & leave that fast food in the past. Exercise as much as possible & work on getting the proper rest.  for the next level. Well let’s go then. See you next month…. Bondz! “