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The Hunger For More

The Hunger For More

September 17, 2018

The game has changed… are you ready? It’s time to lock in & get things done. Everything is shifting. Life is getting faster & if you don’t stay focus you will fall behind. I look at it like sports. Fall is here & it’s a new season… grind season. We have from now till November before the world shuts down with these overzealous holidays. Then everything moves in slow motion. We end up spending large amounts of money on our wants instead of our needs & desperately trying to fulfill an appetite that consistently feeds off of b*llsh*t. (Excuse my language) Then we go from that to making these long drawn out plans to end the year off with this over thought out celebration & typical New Years resolutions… lmao. As you can tell I’m speaking from experience. It’s life, we’ve been doing it for years. All I’m saying… you might wanna sacrifice a little time & money to go after your dreams so your future can be a little brighter. So we can make our holidays better & our New Years Bigger. It’s ok to take 2 steps back just to take 1 step forward. Trust me… I’m doing this now. I’m hungry… I want more… It’s far from over. So much to accomplish. I’m going for it & for those that know me… it’s bigger than rap.

Now let’s step into this new thing which I’m going to do called The Check Down. Basically catching up on current topics. So let’s start by saying Rest In Peace to Mac Miller. It’s been said that this young man allegedly passed from a drug overdose. Prayers to him & his family. I just pray that people learn from this & start making better decisions. We also have to start checking on our loved ones… you never know whose hurting. Prayers going up. Next we have good ole Trump. So someone recently was told that just because they were born & raised in Kansas… there birth certificate is not proof of citizenship… smh. I’m just patiently waiting for the Donnie Era to end so we can get back to real life. To me it’s like being in High school when you had a dumb a*s teacher but it was May & you knew that once June came you would never have to see them again. (Lol) & last but not least for all my sports lovers… my favorite football team (The Oakland Raiders) traded our beloved Khalil Mack to the Chicago Bears for nothing & now we my defense can’t stop a nose bleed… Meanwhile the Chicago Bears defense is kicking a*s now. Have a great week… Later!