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July 27, 2018

My best days are when I get up & out the door as early as possible. I have a million things to do in 24 hours. Even with all this technology I still have to write it out. I get out & start try to knock off everything on my list. Some days I crash. I mean really shut down & have a mental overload. Instagram is the new news channel. Twitter replaced books. Even though out the course of my day I’m trying to update my social profiles & clean off everything on my to-do list. So much in a tiny bit of time. I’m consistently learning about time management & priorities. I haven’t even added in the kid factor. Having kids expedites the meltdown. Then we bring on the world. Stress which breaks down into finance, love, health & Trump. Your brain is bound to explode. Now let’s throw in Facebook… lol. Well here’s a Snapple fact. I’m not really to fond of Facebook unless your trying to locate a family member & an old friend. I think it’s too personal. It’s cool to open up but damn… go on facebook live while your having the baby & show the whole thing…. not the room but the actual baby coming out. Film it but save it for a home video… not for Worldstar. Nothing is sacred but back to the overload… Too much going on. I think it’s all about position. Rising in the ranks of life. I’m not going to say the older you get… I’m going to say the higher you get, everything changes. I also think the overload comes from mixing up your wants & your needs again. It’s a matter of opinion but the higher you get, time is limited. I believe a good team is needed. Everybody needs a team. Focus on the big & delegate the small. Know when to shut down. Know when to put the phone down. We have to be in tune but you also have to be in tune with yourself. My old manager Marlon would always tell me that if your life ain’t right, you will never be right. Take care of the things that matter like your home & managing your money. Getting sleep & exercising. Then jump out into this world & go after your dreams. Take risk but calculate the risk. All risk don’t have to have a financial gain but it shouldn’t be a set back either. I’ve made those mistakes many times. Putting my energy in the wrong basket. It’s cool… these things happen but the point I’m making is we have to pace ourselves & understand position. Your the CEO of your life so move as one. I guarantee you will see things differently. Your moving up in the ranks in life. Your sitting in the big seat. It only gets better from here as long as we pace ourselves. It might sound like I’m talking to you but I’m really talking to me… lol. It’s ok to remind yourself. Remember, too much of anything can lead to an overload. Stay focused!