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Don’t Get Comfortable

Don’t Get Comfortable

March 1, 2018

I’m not gonna sit here & kill your ears. Let’s get straight to the point… Don’t Get Comfortable! There have been many times where I worked hard to get to the top. As soon as I got there, I got comfortable. I use to have this mindset where all I needed was just enough. I have news for you all, just enough isn’t enough. I believe when you do things like that, you have to live with regrets. You should be pushing the limit until you leave this planet. Dreams & goals change but the hustle never stops. Once again… let’s look at Donnie or as we call him 45( The President). This dude really became president. This fool has been living his life & achieving his goals for along time. Say what you want but you can learn a lot from a dummy. Recently a very good friend of mind who I consider a brother told me I was setting for a jump shot when the lane was wide open. I needed to hear that. If you don’t have people around you like that, fire everybody!
All these people that we call celebrities that we look up to put themselves in uncomfortable situations & win. Think about it. It’s similar to growing pains. Even though the US has a new regime that we are not happy with, we still have to find our place & execute. Most of the time… we talk about haters but we usually get in our own way. Stop looking for support & go get it. Start paying attention to the ones that do support you & stop focusing on the ones that don’t. Pray more. Work harder. Get up earlier. Go to sleep later. Read more. Take more notes. Eat better. Exercise more. Take more risk. Save more money. Smile more. Tell your family you love them more. Dream more & don’t get comfortable!




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