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A New Way

A New Way

January 23, 2018

Change never hurt anybody but it’s definitely uncomfortable. So as I sit back & look at the world… I want to ask everyone, are we ready for change? It’s a new year & time is flying. Social media has took over the world. Our president promotes racism. He also tweets more than we do. It’s time for change. That’s how I been feeling. A little bit of disconnect. These day’s you either go with the flow or get ran over. I’ve decided to be the flow. Besides the presidents antics, we got an overflow of sexual harassment cases in the entertainment world. Some might say the jig is up, I say the jigs been up. The sexual harassment needs to stop. Everything is outta control. As I write this blog, I want to make it very clear. It’s time to do things different. Don’t let these lighting fast world control you. Things are moving so fast that we are starting to forget the reason… Why? Why do we do the things we do?

On the other hand it seems like 2018 started off great. Now we have this new sex doll thing taking over the internet lol. The Patriots are on there way to the Super Bowl again (Straight face emoji). Everything is just fine. In the mist of all this mayhem, you know the saying right… the more things change, the more they remain the same. I hope everybody makes there mark this year. I hope everybody knows that just because your naked on Instagram does not make you a model. Please take the booking info out of your bio. I hope everybody supports each other this year. I hope everybody reads more this year. I also want everybody to know that everything you see is not real. I think we have to start putting the word entertainment back into things. I also would like to spread my “Kitchen Table” theory today. It’s about keeping certain thoughts to your self. Unfortunately social media has given everyone a platform to say the first thing that comes to their mind. Well thats wrong. When I was growing up, my family & I would have conversations at the kitchen table. Sometimes we would hear the adults say certain things & we would ever repeat them outside of our house, we would get in trouble. It could be about the teacher, neighbor & so on. It didn’t matter. Would all hated a few teachers growing up, but I couldn’t imagine screaming out in class… F You! Just because thats the first thing that came to my mind. We discussed those things in private. Well, thats how it is today but always remember… Watch what you say because once it’s said… you can’t take it back. Try to think before you speak… & always remember, Stay Focused!


Monica S. on January 23, 2018 AT 11 pm

Well said.

Game Beats on January 24, 2018 AT 04 am

?% Truth!!!!! Kitchen tank talk is real.
Great post