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A Newark, NJ representer, Barry Bondz grew up in the city's South Ward. He uses his neighborhood surroundings as his musical muse. Just like a painter utilizes a paint brush to tell a story, Bondz uses the microphone to lyrically paint a picture to his audience.
Writing stories by taking real events and life situations is a joy because everyone can relate to it. Laying those real moments to tracks is the positive end result.
Active heavily in the mixtape circuit and even on BET hip-hop cypers, the independent artist was featured twice in 2014 The Source Magazine as a hidden gem. He had the streets buzzing after the release of his Glory and Glory Deluxe EPs released this spring. According to the artist, it's his best work to date: “No compromise,” he says. “These songs will stand the test of time.”
Also an entrepreneur and owner of Genco, LLC—a brand that focuses on lifestyle, his clothing company, Genco Apparel features t-shirts, hoodies and phone cases that proudly display his company logo. Follow Barry Bondz on Twitter at @BondzWorld and visit for all the latest news on his brand.


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  • 31 From The Start

    January 31, 2020
                 Thirty one days down. The blessings have been amazing but it seems like it’s been a fog. My actual new year started on January 17th or a few days after that. So I’m really like 11 or 12 days in. A virus from China called the Coronavirus & the tragedy with Kobe Bryant, his 13 year old daughter & 7 other people on a helicopter that crashed rocked the world. The impeachment of our president Trump. Starting a war, doing a bunch of underhanded things. He’s dividing us. It’s working. Racism is alive & well. I can keep going but some of these other situations that I didn’t mention are just overwhelming & seem morbid. Prayers to everybody going through something. So it’s Friday right. Super Bowl weekend is approaching & the final episode of Power is 2 days away. I know there’s a lot of bad things going on but there’s some good things going on too. You just have to dig deep. I swear I’m digging. As of right now I have so much to say but I really have nothing to say at all lol. I promise will figure it out. I will put a few extra pictures in the post to symbolize some of January events. New month approaching. Keep pushing… #Bondz


  • The 4th Anniversary “The Genco” 6/30/15

    June 30, 2019

    It’s been 4 years since we dropped the project that opened up so many doors & pushed us to the next level of independence. That project was the “The Genco”. So today we are going to share some behind the scene photos of the making of “The Genco”. We want to send our love to everybody that was involved in the process. #LiveLifeGenco

  • It Seems Like You’re Ready

    January 11, 2019
                              This year… 2019 will be the year to win it all. That’s right, I said it. This year I will be giving you ways to dominate 2019 through my blog & youtube channel. The year started off with Lebron James getting hurt, Trump’s government shutdown, Cyntoia Browns clemency & R Kelly going from the king of r&b to the king of pedophilia. Let’s talk about… “It Seems Like You’re Ready”. I’m pretty sure everyone reading this has seen or heard about the “Surviving R Kelly” documentary. The only thing I’m going to say about this is… I believe that the people who were around him when he was doing what ever they said he did are just as guilty as him. For instance… the guy who forged the marriage document is just as guilty as R Kelly. The high school principal that said he seen R Kelly lurking around the school for younger women but never pursued it or called the authorities. They guy who seen the younger women in the studio but never said anything… all of them are wrong. It’s a very spooky situation. Shouldn’t have went this far. I pray for peace & blessings to all the victims & their families. While this is the most talked about subject… our commander and chief has shut the government down. He’s having a temper tantrum about this wall. Is this what America has come to? I can’t wait until we are done with this foolery. In my opinion… our leader is a joke but hey… who am I. At least Cyntonia Brown was granted clemency. This is a great thing. It shows that there is still hope. The New Year is starting off in a blaze. These past years have been prepping us for success even though there are a few things that still need to be handled. For instance, this situation in Paterson where the cops beat the guy to death who came into the precinct asking for help. Is this how we’re starting off the year??? The police brutality has to stop. It makes me sick to my stomach. Much love & blessings to the family of Meek Lowery. These stories are getting more & more sickening. We are raising our children to survive, this has to stop. As always, I’m praying for peace.
    Meanwhile to deal with this world… we put our mind on sports. Now the king get Lebron James gets hurt. To me… it’s a small thing to a giant. Small setback for a major comeback. On the other side, are we still boycotting football or is it just Super Bowl performances. I need to know. So far the month of January came out the gate with a bang. My advice for the first quarter(The first quarter is the first 3 months). Get all your ducks in a row. Get your business in order. Prepare to step out on faith & go. Upgrade your surroundings. Time is moving fast. Take time to pray & read. Try to cook as much as possible & leave that fast food in the past. Exercise as much as possible & work on getting the proper rest.  for the next level. Well let’s go then. See you next month…. Bondz! “
  • The Hunger For More

    September 17, 2018

    The game has changed… are you ready? It’s time to lock in & get things done. Everything is shifting. Life is getting faster & if you don’t stay focus you will fall behind. I look at it like sports. Fall is here & it’s a new season… grind season. We have from now till November before the world shuts down with these overzealous holidays. Then everything moves in slow motion. We end up spending large amounts of money on our wants instead of our needs & desperately trying to fulfill an appetite that consistently feeds off of b*llsh*t. (Excuse my language) Then we go from that to making these long drawn out plans to end the year off with this over thought out celebration & typical New Years resolutions… lmao. As you can tell I’m speaking from experience. It’s life, we’ve been doing it for years. All I’m saying… you might wanna sacrifice a little time & money to go after your dreams so your future can be a little brighter. So we can make our holidays better & our New Years Bigger. It’s ok to take 2 steps back just to take 1 step forward. Trust me… I’m doing this now. I’m hungry… I want more… It’s far from over. So much to accomplish. I’m going for it & for those that know me… it’s bigger than rap.

    Now let’s step into this new thing which I’m going to do called The Check Down. Basically catching up on current topics. So let’s start by saying Rest In Peace to Mac Miller. It’s been said that this young man allegedly passed from a drug overdose. Prayers to him & his family. I just pray that people learn from this & start making better decisions. We also have to start checking on our loved ones… you never know whose hurting. Prayers going up. Next we have good ole Trump. So someone recently was told that just because they were born & raised in Kansas… there birth certificate is not proof of citizenship… smh. I’m just patiently waiting for the Donnie Era to end so we can get back to real life. To me it’s like being in High school when you had a dumb a*s teacher but it was May & you knew that once June came you would never have to see them again. (Lol) & last but not least for all my sports lovers… my favorite football team (The Oakland Raiders) traded our beloved Khalil Mack to the Chicago Bears for nothing & now we my defense can’t stop a nose bleed… Meanwhile the Chicago Bears defense is kicking a*s now. Have a great week… Later!

  • Overload

    July 27, 2018

    My best days are when I get up & out the door as early as possible. I have a million things to do in 24 hours. Even with all this technology I still have to write it out. I get out & start try to knock off everything on my list. Some days I crash. I mean really shut down & have a mental overload. Instagram is the new news channel. Twitter replaced books. Even though out the course of my day I’m trying to update my social profiles & clean off everything on my to-do list. So much in a tiny bit of time. I’m consistently learning about time management & priorities. I haven’t even added in the kid factor. Having kids expedites the meltdown. Then we bring on the world. Stress which breaks down into finance, love, health & Trump. Your brain is bound to explode. Now let’s throw in Facebook… lol. Well here’s a Snapple fact. I’m not really to fond of Facebook unless your trying to locate a family member & an old friend. I think it’s too personal. It’s cool to open up but damn… go on facebook live while your having the baby & show the whole thing…. not the room but the actual baby coming out. Film it but save it for a home video… not for Worldstar. Nothing is sacred but back to the overload… Too much going on. I think it’s all about position. Rising in the ranks of life. I’m not going to say the older you get… I’m going to say the higher you get, everything changes. I also think the overload comes from mixing up your wants & your needs again. It’s a matter of opinion but the higher you get, time is limited. I believe a good team is needed. Everybody needs a team. Focus on the big & delegate the small. Know when to shut down. Know when to put the phone down. We have to be in tune but you also have to be in tune with yourself. My old manager Marlon would always tell me that if your life ain’t right, you will never be right. Take care of the things that matter like your home & managing your money. Getting sleep & exercising. Then jump out into this world & go after your dreams. Take risk but calculate the risk. All risk don’t have to have a financial gain but it shouldn’t be a set back either. I’ve made those mistakes many times. Putting my energy in the wrong basket. It’s cool… these things happen but the point I’m making is we have to pace ourselves & understand position. Your the CEO of your life so move as one. I guarantee you will see things differently. Your moving up in the ranks in life. Your sitting in the big seat. It only gets better from here as long as we pace ourselves. It might sound like I’m talking to you but I’m really talking to me… lol. It’s ok to remind yourself. Remember, too much of anything can lead to an overload. Stay focused!

  • Don’t Get Comfortable

    March 1, 2018

    I’m not gonna sit here & kill your ears. Let’s get straight to the point… Don’t Get Comfortable! There have been many times where I worked hard to get to the top. As soon as I got there, I got comfortable. I use to have this mindset where all I needed was just enough. I have news for you all, just enough isn’t enough. I believe when you do things like that, you have to live with regrets. You should be pushing the limit until you leave this planet. Dreams & goals change but the hustle never stops. Once again… let’s look at Donnie or as we call him 45( The President). This dude really became president. This fool has been living his life & achieving his goals for along time. Say what you want but you can learn a lot from a dummy. Recently a very good friend of mind who I consider a brother told me I was setting for a jump shot when the lane was wide open. I needed to hear that. If you don’t have people around you like that, fire everybody!
    All these people that we call celebrities that we look up to put themselves in uncomfortable situations & win. Think about it. It’s similar to growing pains. Even though the US has a new regime that we are not happy with, we still have to find our place & execute. Most of the time… we talk about haters but we usually get in our own way. Stop looking for support & go get it. Start paying attention to the ones that do support you & stop focusing on the ones that don’t. Pray more. Work harder. Get up earlier. Go to sleep later. Read more. Take more notes. Eat better. Exercise more. Take more risk. Save more money. Smile more. Tell your family you love them more. Dream more & don’t get comfortable!



  • A New Way

    January 23, 2018

    Change never hurt anybody but it’s definitely uncomfortable. So as I sit back & look at the world… I want to ask everyone, are we ready for change? It’s a new year & time is flying. Social media has took over the world. Our president promotes racism. He also tweets more than we do. It’s time for change. That’s how I been feeling. A little bit of disconnect. These day’s you either go with the flow or get ran over. I’ve decided to be the flow. Besides the presidents antics, we got an overflow of sexual harassment cases in the entertainment world. Some might say the jig is up, I say the jigs been up. The sexual harassment needs to stop. Everything is outta control. As I write this blog, I want to make it very clear. It’s time to do things different. Don’t let these lighting fast world control you. Things are moving so fast that we are starting to forget the reason… Why? Why do we do the things we do?

    On the other hand it seems like 2018 started off great. Now we have this new sex doll thing taking over the internet lol. The Patriots are on there way to the Super Bowl again (Straight face emoji). Everything is just fine. In the mist of all this mayhem, you know the saying right… the more things change, the more they remain the same. I hope everybody makes there mark this year. I hope everybody knows that just because your naked on Instagram does not make you a model. Please take the booking info out of your bio. I hope everybody supports each other this year. I hope everybody reads more this year. I also want everybody to know that everything you see is not real. I think we have to start putting the word entertainment back into things. I also would like to spread my “Kitchen Table” theory today. It’s about keeping certain thoughts to your self. Unfortunately social media has given everyone a platform to say the first thing that comes to their mind. Well thats wrong. When I was growing up, my family & I would have conversations at the kitchen table. Sometimes we would hear the adults say certain things & we would ever repeat them outside of our house, we would get in trouble. It could be about the teacher, neighbor & so on. It didn’t matter. Would all hated a few teachers growing up, but I couldn’t imagine screaming out in class… F You! Just because thats the first thing that came to my mind. We discussed those things in private. Well, thats how it is today but always remember… Watch what you say because once it’s said… you can’t take it back. Try to think before you speak… & always remember, Stay Focused!